I began drawing and painting at a very early age, but my most prominent momories of the beginning of my art days were in 1st year in Presentation College Headford, where I lived for a few wonderful years  in Galway. I had a brilliant teacher there who, from day one, taught us in detail how to begin drawing portraits, figures, animals as well as teaching us about perspective, color, dark and light, shading and most importantly , she taught us that our own ideas and imagination were always unique and special and to be followed.

I left that school before I did my Junior cert, but for the short time I spent in that art class with that wonderful teacher, I kept with me what she gave me to this day.

My artistic talents were given to me as a gift from my father, and with the encouragement I received in Galway , between them both I feel I am following the path that is right for me, while at the same time keeping my fathers memory alive in every painting I do.

My style is  fantasy,  from fairies, imaginary portraits, pixies and fantasy figures to dreamscapes , imaginary landscapes and fantasy lands, my world is full of colour, magic, life and vibrancy!